When does Scholarship info come in?

My son was recently admitted to Iowa State. He has a high GPA and a high SAT score, so we are expecting him to qualify for some merit scholarships. I expected the scholarship info to follow along with admittance email/snail mail, however, we have not heard anything. Logged into their portal and still don’t see anything. Does anyone know how we can find out if he qualified for any scholarships??

Last year when my D was admitted the automatic scholarship information was part of her package that came. I don’t recall us having to do anything special other than confirm her GPA when she graduated high school. She also applied for a scholarship through the OneApp and that award we found out about over the summer.

I think I saw that they were revising their program so don’t know when that was going to be done. The one thing we found with ISU was once my D was accepted, the communication from the school was pretty good. Seemed like we were getting some type of e-mail or something in the mail every couple of weeks.