When does Scholarship Info come in?

My son was recently admitted to Michigan State. He has a high GPA and a high SAT score, so we are expecting him to qualify for some merit scholarships. I expected the scholarship info to follow along with admittance email/snail mail, however, we have not heard anything. Logged into their portal and still don’t see anything. Does anyone know how we can find out if he qualified for any scholarships??

So when my older daughter applied 4 years ago, she got scholarship info right away. Looks like they changed that. :frowning:

My daughter applying this year got a letter with admission to the Honors College and some scholarships yesterday. It is a much smaller offer than my older daughter received, so I am hoping that she will qualify for more as we are OOS. The information that I found was scholarships are now mailed separately from December to April. Her cousin is a Freshman there in the same degree path, so it is a top choice.

How long after receiving the acceptance email did the scholarship and honors notification arrive?

My son has this in his portal but no word on merit aid for MSU campus
Presidential Study Abroad Scholarship
Just received updated Financial aid award in portal all loans
We are OOS looking like not worth the cost. Son liked the James Madison College but has similar offers with Merit