When does UCLA stop sending out supplement requests?

<p>^ Is it better to get a supplement or to not get one? I can't wait till March! I just want to know my admission decision!</p>

<p>Have they already submitted them? Cos I got one from Berkeley, haven't heard from UCLA at all.</p>

<p>You don't want a supplement. All the people I knew that got them were borderline. I think that's the reason why they send them out.</p>

<p>I just got the supplement from UCLA. Sigh, one from Berkeley and one from UCLA.</p>

<p>just got one from UCLA like 2 hours ago via email. I guess I am at the borderline. My SAT scores suck. I understand.</p>

<p>I got a "UCLA Alumni scholarship for OOS students" email today, but I guess that's different.</p>

<p>if you don't mind posting, what were your stats for those who received borderline supplements. and also- what major did oyu apply as?</p>

<p>I am gonna copy and paste from my thred ok?</p>

<p>My stats are below average for UCLA. My SAT scores are very low: 1780 total with a 740 in Math</p>

<p>I sent 3 subject tests twice cuz I took them in Nov and Dec. My best two were Chem 720 and Math 740.</p>

<p>My UCGPA, I m not so sure, should be about 4.1...something cuz my high school GPA was 4.24 I am a straight A's student but the courses I took were not rigourous at all. I only have 2 UC approved Honors and I am taking 1 Honors and 2 APs this year (Spanish3, CHem, CalcAP respectyively)</p>

<p>I was in swim team and girls water polo freshmen year
Academic Decathlon soph year
3rd Place PTA Reflections Award last year Art Catergory
Volunteer 3 places: Hospital 200 hrs, local public library 60, hospice office 60
several clubs related to community services
work experience in a restaurant(not really cuz I didn't get paid, my family used to own it)</p>

<p>something like that...don't remember all
but I didn't get any other supplemental requests from other 5UC's that I applied to at all </p>


<p>Major: Physiological Science
Alternate: Microbiology, immunology</p>

<p>oh wow this makes me nervous that they've started sending these out 0_o. what does the supplement ask for? what does it look like?</p>

<p>sad face. I got one :[</p>

<p>copy and paste:
Ethnicity: Armenian
Family size: 3
Income: very low
Weighted GPA (10-11): 4.62
Nonweighted GPA: 4.0
Class Rank: 2 out of 144
SAT: 1860 M 680, WR 610, CR 570
AP: 3's on english language and comp, and USH
currently taking:
AP Chinese
AP Calc AB
AP Literature
AP Gov
Recognized by UC system as top 9% in my class
Extra curricular:
Stage hand for the musicals (10th-12th)
Track and Field (10th-11th)
ASB representative (11th)
hired by school to be a tutor</p>

<p>yearly Community Service</p>

<p>In my first essay I wrote about how me being exposed to death influenced me to want to help people and work in the medical field.
In my second essay I wrote about how the art of writing is something that has helped me get through a lot in my life and has become a tool for me to find peace in my life.</p>

<p>Additional information I included at the end:
-Taught myself how to play the piano
-How I was in the english language development program early on, but entered high school on the honors and AP level.</p>

<p>I have heard (at least for the UCB supplemental information request) that these are given to students that are borderline for acceptance or who have special talents or less explained but intriguing ECA's. (think Odyssey of the Mind, if you know what that is)</p>

I got a "UCLA Alumni scholarship for OOS students" email today, but I guess that's different.


<p>Seahawks - Do OOS also get UCLA alumni scholarship? Was it not for California HS grads?</p>

<p>Got the supplement as well. Does UCLA consider freshman year grades? Also, do we include +/-s when reporting our senior year grades?</p>