When does your K-12 school year end normally and is it different this year?

I’m curious how K-12 schools are changing their academic year calendars this year. What is the normal start/end month of your kids’ schools and what is it this year?

Normal school year here for both public and private is mid August to late May.

This year for my kids: One school stuck to the usual calendar (HS) but the other (elementary) switched to mid September to mid June. Both privates.

School calendars have not changed. BUT many schools are not having to add snow days to the end of the year (doing remote instead) so they won’t be going late in June. With all the snow days we have had, some places would have been adding a ton of days!

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August 26 - June 4, consistent with previous years.

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My D’s school is consistent with prior years… mid August to mid May. Some of the public school systems had a delayed start.

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Sept to June as in usual years. We have been in person all year (with virtual options). There have been a couple of scheduled virtual days to allow for deep cleans. We have had all sports and activities running with limited spectators.

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Some schools started a few weeks later than is typical, with delays due to getting their covid plans set up. So, adjustments may need to be made to calendars in order to meet the minimum numbers of school days required by the state.

Most are MId August to end of May. Many started late, even if they were online. One of the metro districts, although a small one, just announce 12 extra days but they are optional for the kids. Just trying to give them a chance to catch up on some of the missed concepts, especially basic math.

One big argument now is whether they have to take the standardized tests this spring.

I think my kid’s school is not making seniors take those tests as long as they have a high enough grade.

Really hoping he can go back in person soon.

very interesting info

Aug 18-May 26…same as previous years (actually we started one week later due to covid and rolling out a new virtual learning platform).

Our district added 25 minutes to the school day this year to “bank” in case there were more Covid closures. We haven’t had to use those so school year will end same time as usual or maybe a few days earlier this year.

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PA waived the need to pass Keystone exams for last year’s graduates. No announcement this year, as far as I’ve heard.