when does your school start

<p>my school starts on Aug. 31st...</p>

<p>I am too! </p>

<p>Well, orientation anyway. dont have classes for another 12 days</p>

<p>September 7-22 for specific classes, then 28 officially.</p>

<p>Not like I have much to do between now and the starting date since I'm just so lazy.</p>

<p>Tuesday, August 30th</p>

<p>August 25th</p>

<p>16th birthday = sep 6
first day of school = sep 7</p>

<p>you know what that means. :)</p>



<p>you can get a license at 16?? lucky. i have to wait until senior year, and then i can't even get a parking spot first quarter because my birthday's late september. boo.</p>

<p>anyway, school starts sept 7th for me</p>

<p>yeah, we get our permits at 14 and 9 months and our licenses at 16. and my school is small so there's always ample parking. :)</p>

<p>I have to wait till I'm 17 - New Jersey law. I'm supposed to be able to go for my road test the morning of my birthday, then drive to school late, but my birthday is the same day as the APUS test, so I have to get license after the weekend :(.</p>

<p>Anyway, school starts Thursday, September 8 for me.</p>

<p>first day: August 29 (ONE WEEK!!!) </p>

<p>I failed my permit test last week : ( lol... I feel so dumb! ha
here you can get your permit at 15 and 9 months, you can get your license 4 months after that. granted you have taked driver's ed and have 60 driving hours. the provisional test is given in drivers ed. its not offered at school so we have to pay up to $300 to go to a special school.</p>

<p>Start tomorrow.
Lucky me.</p>

<p>September 8th. But we have to go pick up our schedules, metro cards, report cards, and all that good stuff on the 7th. Ugh I feel so bad for you August starters.</p>

<p>September 6th. Why a monday????</p>

<p>metro cards? oh... you live in New York City... thats awesome</p>

<p>Start this Tuesday, August 23rd.</p>