When EXACTLY do we get our decision?

<p>Anyone know the actual date?</p>

<p>I think they mail it out on Dec 15th</p>

<p>Chill, chill...</p>

<p>When I turned in that app, I had a big smile and thought, "No WAY I am getting accepted." I'll take it as it goes. Even if I'm rejected, Christmas is around the corner.</p>

<p>im with you, i KNOW that the best ill get is a defferal, and that will be flattering.. im just letting it go.. knowing one week or the next isnt going to matter.</p>

<p>AND, keep in mind, it isn't the end of the world if the decision at the end is a rejection, IF you make sure you have several backups that you get excited about in the meantime. My son was deferred and then rejected. He was quite depressed for about 20 minutes, at which time he found out online that he was accepted at his second choice (very competitive also) school. He's now a couple months into his freshman year and couldn't be happier. </p>

<p>So I wonder why I still lurk on the Stanford link? Hmmmm.... I guess it's because I have one son who went to Stanford, and one who tried to go there, so I feel an attachment! LOL</p>

<p>I can give you one clue...the accepted students seemed to hear before the rejected students.</p>

<p>so 20% accept, 10% defer, and 70% reject for EA?</p>

<p>dunno.. i would guess aprox that much</p>

<p>apparently, last year you could call post-Dec 11 and hear by phone.</p>

<p>i think they email you if you applied online...</p>

<p>i dont think so.. email is so unreliable</p>

<p>many schools email decisions, including harvard</p>

<p>yeah i know harvard does, but i was always under the impression that Stanford liked snail mail</p>

<p>In past years, Stanford definitely did NOT email or allow students to access decisions online...which really surprised us. It is such a technologically advanced school and on the cutting edge in so many ways, but we thought when my son was there that their campus computer system (i think it was called SUNet) seemed quite antiquated with many "bugs" . That coupled with the fact that they don't do online admissions decisions etc. seemed quite strange for a university of this caliber. Duke did such a wonderful job in comparison with newly admitted students posting online profiles and accessing the "ask a student" or "ask admissions" message board. </p>

<p>The poster above (Someone) was right about being able to call for an admission decision after December 11th...that's what our son did when the suspense was too great waiting for the mail.</p>

<p>but they do send intls email, esp if rejected. its good, i dont check my mail regularly.</p>

<p>can you elaborate, ello?</p>

<p>all intl students get their decisions via email, coz regular mil takes too long!!</p>

<p>and decisions come out by Dec 10th, last year guys from my school get theiro decision via email on the 11th.</p>

<p>ah okay, international.. i didnt read that part.</p>

<p>So if they're mailed out December 15th, that means we won't get them until days later? WHAT! I can't wait that long!</p>

<p>I'm guessing they're mailed out on the 11th, so we receive them on the 15th. This would make sense considering you can call and get your decision over the phone on the 11th.</p>

<p>but if you get accepted, isn't it delievered by the FedEx instead of regular mail? Isn't that like overnight?</p>

<p>I think I read somewhere that it was FedEx, but overnight I HIGHLY doubt. Most likely it would be FedEx Express Saver (2-3 day).</p>