When is a good time to apply for student employment?

<p>When would be the best time to apply for regular student employment (meaning not work study)? I'm going to apply at least to dining services now and maybe to housing. I was wondering if there's an ideal/traditional time to apply. Would June be too early for fall? I'm just afraid of applying early and my application being lost in the midst of all the hiring going on between now and then.</p>

<p>Not sure about your school but Purdue always hires student workers year round. I think most students apply the week of move-in or the first week of school.</p>

<p>Email/call whichever department handles student employment and ask. I didn't get work study as part of my financial aid award, and if I hadn't filled out the online form when I did (right about this time last year, I think), I probably wouldn't have gotten a job at all.</p>

<p>If you know someone that works in the department you want to work in, then ask them. They may be in the loop for new hires and a recommendation from a current worker can carry a lot of weight in the hiring decision.</p>

<p>My son works in the tutoring center at his school and gets emails when they are looking for more tutors or for tutors to cover additional hours. He also gets emails on requests for private tutors.</p>

My school has a website dedicated to job openings for students to apply for. Show initiative, employers like that (:</p>

<p>My school does not accept applications from freshmen until they are physically on campus during orientation. Then again, every first-year student is guaranteed an 8 hours/week job: "If you want to work for dining services, sign here."</p>

<p>I imagine the situation is different at most other colleges though.</p>

<p>I applied BEFORE school started (like a month), and I got two job offerings. Now I am switching out of dining services and have received a job as an office assistant for my sophomore year.</p>