when is enough, enough?

<p>I was deferred a few days ago from the University of Michigan. I really wwant to be a Wolverine. I want to send U-M plenty of newear information. I don't want to seem like I am begging, though. I am semiqualified due to low standardized test scores.
- I want to send a very polite letter of interest with an update to grades, EC, and the ACT.
- I am sending two new recommendations from two teachers.
- Faculty from Ross is sending a personal letter of recommendation (I am completely honored by this. I totally appreciate it.)
- My dad wants to send a letter reiterating my connection to the school.
- and of course I am sending my straight a midyear report (:)) and I took the ACT yesterday.
Yeaaah. Is this too much? Be honest, but not harsh please. I am just a determined student.</p>

<p>They have already reviewed your application and deferred you. If you have already emphasized these things to the school there is not much more point to hitting them again with similar information. I suggest that you do this. Call the school and see if you can arrange for a face to face interview. Bring supporting materials with you and state you case in person. At this point you are a file full of documents and stats. The thing that will make a real impact is if they get to know you as a human being with a passion for the school.</p>

<p>The University of Michigan does not give interviews, unfortunately. Also, I drove 13 hours to come tour the school once recently and I am hesitant the make a second trip. I definitely want to give them a picture of my senior year success. Michigan only requires one teacher recommendation. I just don't konw what to do. Thank you for your advice</p>

<p>OP - you are doing the right thing, especially by sending in your midyear report. What I would do is to send all of that in as one big packet (could be via email or snail mail). Make sure every piece of paper has your name, application number and your SS.</p>

<p>If your stats are within admit range, UMichigan cares about yield. By letting them know that it is your first choice will make a difference. Good luck.</p>

<p>No interviews eh? Too bad. oldfort has offered a great alternative. Follow his/her advice.</p>

<p>Ah, okay. :) My scores are in range - minus my SAT scores. I hope the ACT I just took will reflect better on me. I was wondering if I should send a small letter expressing my continued interest to the school ahead of my big packet that you suggest? I feel that the sooner I give some kind of response to the deferral, the better, but I definitely want to give my recommenders at least 10 working days to write. I don't want to press anyone.</p>

<p>I assume you are out of state? I did this for D1 when she was WL. I consulted with her GC before I did it. I sent a very short email to her rep on the adcom. In it I said that it was D1's first choice, if she were to get off, we would be happy to support her and pay full fare. She graduated from there last year. </p>

<p>There will be a lot of kids who wouldn't be able to afford OOS tuition and may decide to go some where if the could get in an Uni which would give them need based aid. If you could afford it and willing to pay, it is a hook. But I would have your dad keep the letter short, no need to name drop too much.</p>

<p>I am out of state, in North Carolina. :(. I am a legacy applicant. Congratulations to your D1! I probably can pay full tuition one way or another. I don't want my dad to make the letter forced. He certainly believes that I should go and wants to emphasize my family's alumni status and what influence my family has on the school. I'm not sure if this would sound too pressing and especially not threatening-sounding since one of the alumni he intends to mention is a big school donor. That wouldn't be too good. I'm definitely scheduling a meeting with my GC to see what she suggests.</p>

<p>DON'T send the letter written by your dad. Only ONE teacher recommendation. Everything else seems fine.</p>

<p>My teacher recommendations were going to represent what I indicate as being my two focuses biomedical engineering -( AP Biology teacher) and music-(private flute teacher). This is why I wanted to include both of them. I didn't feel that my dad's letter was a good idea, either. A professor from U-M suggested that my grandfather make a call. But he had little success when he tried this with his son(who, by the way, did not have proper credentials). I just don't think he should try again. (please excuse any typos I make. I am on a mobile device.</p>

<p>I know, but most schools suggest only one from a senior year teacher. What I did, I sent one letter from my AP Spanish V teacher becuase, on my mid year report, I did the worst in that class. I wanted the school to see although I am doing poorly in Spanish, I have a passion for it.</p>

<p>Well I mean, one is from a senior year teacher and the other is from a teacher outside of school. Plus i'vve already asked both individuals (unfortunately).</p>

<p>Then send both. They will prob ignore one of them if they really only want one. Good luck by the way.</p>

<p>I am not sure if my email to one teacher was successful due to some gmail issues. I won't mention it if he does not reply. Thank you very much for your advice, you guys. I would love some more advice :D</p>

<p>Just remember that only a small percentage of deferrals get accepted in April. Try to make yourself stand out in some way. I remember someone sent cookies to the office of admissions at William and Mary who was accepted.</p>

<p>Eh University of Michigan has a pretty high rate of acceptance for referred decisions. :)I</p>

<p>We did send in additional information when D1 was deferred from her ED and it included additional LORs. D1 went to a very good private school with dedicated GCs (1 for every 40 students), and we didn't do anything without consulting her GC. D1 had a pretty miserable college application process, even though it all ended well (got off 2 top 15 schools WL). For D2 we hired a private college counselor, and she got in ED.</p>

<p>OP - speak with you GC on Mon, ask him/her to contact U.Mich and find out why you were deferred, ask them how you could turn a defer into an acceptance. Have your GC lobby for you a bit, that's what they are getting paid to do, especially if it's a private school.</p>

<p>^ I wish it was a private school. I go to public school with 2000+ attending. :/ My GC is a great person, though, and I am sure she will do what she can. I am willing to do what I can. I don't think I can afford a private college counselor, but I trust my GC. I considered calling them myself, but I couldn't figure out how to not make me seem rude. I appreciate your advice.</p>

<p>I think everything you're doing is fine except maybe the letter from your Dad. As long as it's very Go Blue and not "I'll never donate again" it's probably OK. </p>

<p>I doubt cookies will make a difference at Michigan or made one at W&M otherwise we'd be reading stories about diabetic admissions officers inundated with baked goods.</p>

<p>Vinceh, I plan to be reading over said letter, if I decide to let him write one. I don't think it's necessary if I already listed my legacy status on my application. I feel that the faculty writing the recommendation will mention it anyways.
UMich is a pretty big school. You'd never know what was in the cookies anyways. o_O. I don't think I'll go to that level, even though I did find it an entertaining idea.</p>