When is financial aid disbursed?

<p>I know that they take away tuition, and room and board costs before they disburse the rest of the financial aid to the students. I was just wondering how and when they released the rest of the grant money, because I have found nothing on the subject, either on the website or the pamphlets they have sent. I am most worried about receiving the travel allowance so I can buy decently priced airfare tickets, because the move in date slowly but surely is approaching. Does anyone know just when and how they distribute the financial aid?</p>

<p>I don't know the specifics of your package, but I doubt you're actually going to get a check for anything. If you're on the "full" financial aid package, you still have a summer contribution of $2300, which is where things like books, personal expenses, and travel are expected to be paid for. Call the financial aid office tomorrow and explain your specific situation to them regarding travel. They might increase your aid, help you with a loan, tell you to get a summer job, etc etc etc.</p>

<p>malan89 is right. I have nearly a "full" financial aid package and I still have to pay for travel and books. If I remember correctly, last year, the grant was disbursed sometime in July, but you don't see a cent of that money. Your studentcenter (studentcenter.cornell.edu) just has it marked as paid. If you're concerned, though, to reiterate what malan89 said, call the fin aid office (607.255.5145) tomorrow. They're really nice and helpful, so no worries.</p>

<p>I see. I also got a "full" package minus the $2370 student contribution. It never crossed my mind that the travel allowance, books and supplies, and personal expenses would make up that amount, but it makes sense. Thank you for the help.</p>