When is Lehigh's Notification for Graduate Students


<p>I've applied to graduate school at Lehigh, but I have not seen where they post a notification date for prospective students. I found this hard to believe, but I have electronically searched through the Graduate Student Handbook and various internal websites, and have not found anything useful.</p>

<p>The only real thing I've found is that the deadline for letting students know is sometime in July for the following fall semester. Since I applied in early January (for the financial aid deadline), I assume I will know by end of March. </p>

<p>Since this is a rather stupid question, I'm asking in this forum rather than ask Lehigh directly. The info for UNDERgradudate students is posted, but does anyone know about grad school? I believe all the grad schools go by the same filing dates, and use the same process, so it should be the same for all graduate programs.</p>