When is Midyear for Midyear Reports?

My dd’s school has switched to a trimester system. The first trimester ends at Thanksgiving; the second, at the beginning of March. Should she send send her Midyear Reports at the end of this trimester, i.e., end of November? Or at some other time? I also am assuming that the Midyear Report essentially refers to a grade report/report card. Is this correct? Thanks!

<p>Midyear report is the first semester grade report. Usualy the adcoms take it into account while making admissions decisions, so it has to get there before those decisions are made. So in your case, I would think you have to send the first trimester grades.</p>

<p>What about ED? I'll have my ED decision before I send the Midyear Report by my school's schedule. Is it a checkup to see if the grades have still been consistent, or is it weighed heavily in admissions?</p>

<p>Almost all decisions are contigent upon your successful completion, if you are deferred, they are definitely going to want to see more information. Even if you are accepted they are going to want to make sure that you don't have a bad case of senioritis or do any thing that could jepordize your merit scholarship(if applicable) or recind you admission (which a mjor fall in grades can do.</p>

<p>Yes, but the Midyear Report can only be completed after I've received my ED decision. Do they need first marking period grades for an ED decision?</p>

<p>ED decisions are made without midyear report, but you still have to send it in once it is available.</p>

<p>for some schools, they ask your counselor to send 1st quarter grades as soon as possible for ED applicants. You'd have to look on your counselor rec/school report form to check that.</p>