When is the best time to buy school supplies?

<p>I'm talking about supplies like pens, notebooks, and so on. I've always been curious about whether it's possible to get a really good deal on this stuff. Is there a certain time of the year when prices are at their lowest? Where do you get your supplies from, and would you say that it's cheaper to shop at one place than another?</p>

<p>Tax free days. Wal-Mart down here usually have a pack of paper for 10 cents.</p>

<p>Please, nobody talk about this for a few more months...</p>

<p>Some paper and pencils, like $5? The 50 cents you could potentially save isn't worth stressing over. Go buy whenever you want.</p>

<p>As soon as they go on sale (Late June around here), but before everyone else starts buying.</p>

Use all your supplies from years past


<p>Some people (like me :P) can't possibly reuse supplies. I've never had a binder or bookbag I could use another year. They're usually falling apart in March, if not earlier. x.x</p>

<p>Wow. This thread might be an indication that the back-to-school ads might be coming in a few weeks. Yikes! I hope not, not until early August.</p>

<p>I buy my school supplies the day before school resumes. But, since I have too many supplies left over from this year, I might not need to buy a single pencil or notebook!</p>

<p>In HS I bought my BTS stuff during the first week, since I could never be 100% sure what I would need beforehand.
The first year of HS (7th grade) and in elementary school we were told what we would need, so I bought all of my stuff while I was in Maryland for the first three weeks of August. My grandparents bought my BTS supplies and my aunt bought my BTS clothes. I have no idea why.</p>

<p>I would say late July early August. It could also start in early July since some schools start in August. I <3 back to school shopping lolol xP</p>

<p>I'm not sure if there's a specific time, but just watch in the ads. Staples is good about putting random school supplies (notebooks, pencils, etc - the basics) in their ads for really cheap. Just go on the 1st or 2nd day of the sale before they run out.</p>

<p>Thank you all for the responses. I realize that being frugal probably won't save much more than a few dollars in this case, but this is an interesting concept to the part of me that is interested in scoping out deals.</p>

<p>Stalk staples's ads. They have crazy and different sales each week over the summer, where you can get packs of looseleaf for 1 cent and binders for 25 cents. I spent like 15 cents for 15 packs of looseleaf last summer and it lasted me this whole school year.</p>