When is the best time to start working on different parts of the application

Hey, I’m a freshman reapplying to some boarding schools I applied to last year. I got waitlisted at all of them, so this year I want to make sure I put in my best effort to get an acceptance.

When is the best time to work on different parts of the application? I haven’t submitted my Candidate Profile yet because I’ve just started high school and need to work out my clubs and activities for the Personal Interests and Achievements section. My school’s (virtual) club fair is next Wednesday. By what time should I complete the Candidate Profile and start looking at the essay prompts?

Also, when should I reach out to my teachers about recommendation letters? Last year I reached out to them in early November, is that a good time?

Last year I spent a long time writing all the essays - I applied to seven schools. This year I’m applying to five, but what are some tips to completing essays quickly and efficiently?

Thanks so much!