When is the deadline for the Placement Tests in math and language?

<p>i heard it is June 22, but im not sure.</p>

<p>is it simply an online test? or a written one?</p>

<p>There are online placement tests for both math and languages (Spanish, German, French and Italian; you can contact the department for other languages) You're required to take the language placement test online if you have any prior experience with the language and plan to take it at Hopkins (even if you already have AP credit). For French, if you score in the highest group and are recommended for the advanced language course, you'll have to take another online test to confirm your placement. I believe that math test is not required but is recommended if you're not sure what math class to take. </p>

<p>Taking a French, Spanish or German placement test and placing into a non-beginner course does NOT mean that you will get credit for the lower level courses. However, if your major requires language courses and you believe that you already have the required level of proficiency, you can take a test during Orientation to get a waiver (<em>not</em> academic credit) for the lower level course. </p>

<p>The same is true for math tests - if you place into Calc III/DiffEq/Linear Algebra (all considered to be at the level beyond Calc II), you will not get credit Calc I and II. However, according to the academic manual, if you do place into Calc II and get a C- or better on the final, you will get a waiver (not credit) for Calc I.</p>

<p>Note to future medical students, two semesters of academic credited Calculus (I and II) is required by most medical schools. Contact your pre-med office to see if a "non-credited placement" for calculus will be accepted.</p>

<p>I believe in general that the answer is no. Most medical schools will accept AP credit for calculus (even some of the California schools, which pretty much won't take any other AP credit), but it does need to show up as credit. I'm not sure how it would work with a Calc I waiver so you'd have to ask Pre-professional advising. This really isn't an issue for many science and engineering majors as they will be required to take more math (or statistics) but it is a concern for non-science majors</p>