When is the last day i can take the Sat 2?

<p>When is the last day I can take the Sat 2 before i apply to harvard ea? Im a junior now and im planning to take 2 sat's this year. Im choosing between sending in 3 to take and send in to harvard ea: Math 2c, Physics, US history. I want to take two this year and one in october senior year (if thats possible?) so i can study over the summer. Which of these is easier to study for and is it possible for me to take an sat2 in oct. and if so, which two should i take this year..prolly the easier two or easier one because im deciding on doing either two in oct. or one? And should i do more than 3 if that looks better and is worth the time and effort or is 3 enough for harvard ea? Please answer all of the questions!!!</p>