When is the right time to send my app

<p>When is it too late/too early to send in your college apps. I've already written a good deal of my essays, and I'm applying ED to UPenn and EA to UChicago (both due around November 1st). My parents think I should send my apps out as early as possible (like September), but I feel like that's too early! I'm taking my ACT in September and more subject tests in October, so I'd be sending an incomplete app (granted I'm sending my June SAT). So when should I send in my app so it's not so early it gets overlooked, but not so late that it looks bad?</p>

<p>Have your essays edited and reviewed by at least 10 people. After you're 100% confident with them, you're ready to send your app. Except in your case, you still have tests to take. Sooo just wait until you take those tests and get your teacher recs completed. Then send a complete app. Colleges won't look at your application until everything is there so there's no point in sending it early if everything's not ready.</p>

<p>Exactly. Be careful of an itchy "send" finger. You don't want to click "send" only to realize you forgot to add extra material. Take a deep breath, do something else, and come back to it another day to see what else you need to edit/add.</p>

<p>Wait so my scores for October SAT II's don't come in until very close to the deadline. So if they don't view my application until then....would they look down on my application since it was "fully" submitted that late?</p>

<p>Well they wouldn't look down if they see your October SAT scores. They'll know that the October scores will have just come out.</p>

<p>Of course, many ED schools will accept your application and then wait for you to send [separately] the new SAT scores. It's just a bigger hassle in my opinion.</p>

<p>Thanks n0vad3m0n.</p>

<p>Just one more thing. I've already taken Bio, US, and Math II SAT IIs. In october I'm retaking Math II (for 800) and trying Lit...how do I notify the college that I'm taking more SAT II's so they don't just look at three SAT IIs already in my score record?</p>

<p>Sorry for all the questions</p>

<p>send them an email</p>

<p>^^ or put them down as future test dates</p>