When no one in class answers email.

<p>Okay, this is a 2 part question because I don't want to post multiple threads. </p>

<p>First, have you ever sent an entire lecture class (probably 70-80 students) an email and have NONE of them respond to you? I ask because I will be missing the class Monday, which is the last day of classes, because of a band show. While the tests are made up of questions from the readings, they are also largely made up of stuff taught in the lectures. All the email asked was if someone would be willing to take good notes of the lecture and share them with me. Nothing to strenuous, especially if you are a good note taker anyways. But so far (almost 2 days later, not one of the 70-80 people has responded). This is extremely frustrating. None of the people i talk to in the class really take good notes otherwise I would ask them (i may have to though as a last resort, but heck, they got the email too). Has this ever happened to anyone?</p>

<p>Second, and this kind of ties in to the first question. Do you ever have days when you feel like either everyone likes you, or everyone hates you? I know that in of itself its a stupid way to think, because I have a few friends and dozens of acquaintances, and I'm friendly with all of them. Maybe the issue is that more of my friends are in band, and then most of the acquaintances are in my classes. But its times when not one person answers a mass email that i stop and think to myself.. "wow.. does no one like me?" / "is anyone kind enough to just take notes for me? Its not like I ask them to sacrifice their lives for me or anything. Must be that they just don't like me... "</p>

<p>That's the thought process that goes through my head naturally, and i know it is stupid, but please tell me i'm not alone in this.</p>

<p>I don't think that no one responding is abnormal, especially if they don't know you. Notes are personal -- I would be reluctant to share them with a stranger.</p>

<p>Make a friend in the class and get your notes from them. Those emails asking for notes are obnoxious and half the time don't even say what class the person wants notes for.</p>

<p>What incentive does some random person in the class have in helping you with the notes? Despite being minimal effort, it is effort. Also, 70-80 isn't that large of a class.</p>