When Should I Apply for Texas A&M

I’m considering applying for Texas A&M Engineering (possibly electrical and computer engineering) at College Station.

I’m an in-state student and I’m in the top 7-9% of my class. I have an SAT score of 1490 (I’m trying again this August) and have a 33 ACT. I have leadership positions in Girls in STEM(2 years), Student Council (2 years), Girl Up (both local and regional position), I’ve participated in a mentor ship program promoting women in tech. I moved in the middle of my sophomore year of my high school.

I understand that A&M has rolling admissions, and many kids applied as early as August 1st. I’m still working on my essays. Should I try to rush through my essays or should I take my time and apply before October 15? I would love recommendations on timelines!

Engineering has limited spots. I have heard it is best to apply early if you have decent stats. However, @AggieMomhelp will have the best info, I think.

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@AggieMomhelp would you mind providing your opinion?

I forgot to mention my GPA : 4.0 unweighted and a 5.29 weighted

I am sure someone more in the know will correct me, but it would appear that you may be an auto-admit candidate. As such you likely should apply as soon as possible. Waiting until mid-October may not be wise as some schools, such as Engineering can fill up by mid- to late October. That being the case, it would be in your best interest to go ahead and get the application in now.

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You need to get those essays done quickly! Engineering will have the first round of acceptances early to mid September. Your stats along with auto admit makes you pretty much a guarantee for engineering. Don’t half way do your essay but it doesn’t have to win a Pulitzer lol. Stay up late and knock it out. Engineering won’t fill up til January to answer the intended question but you aren’t doing yourself any favors by waiting.

Hope that helps. Great job on your high school career thus far. You should be extremely proud and Tamu will be lucky to have you. Now get to typing!!!


@lolnothanks like the others have said, it is super important to apply NOW. Everything at A&M is competitive. You especially want to apply early enough to get early acceptance, so you can pay Housing deposit, in order to have a good selection time in the spring.
And all Engineering applicants enter as General Engineering; you go thru the ETAM process 2nd or 3rd semester, to determine your specific major choice.
Great stats, enter ASAP!

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Thank you for your input! I had a question regarding extra documents for my application. My teachers are still working on their letters of recommendation for me. They’ll likely only get it done in a few weeks. Is it possible to send them in after my application?

Yes you can submit extra documents til December. I’m not sure the exact date this year. I would never wait on LORs. They don’t hold a lot of weight. Definitely good to have them if possible but not worth delaying submission of application since it’s optional.

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