when should i find out?

<p>i am an oos-er with a house in wisconsin who submitted my app around oct 25. when should i hear back, roughly?</p>

<p>Last year I applied when you did, and I recieved my notification of acceptance in early January... but it was the first year of a new application system and they recieved an all-time high number of applications, so I`m going to guess your waiting period will be slightly shorter (at least I hope ...)</p>

<p>ahh i hope so! i'm getting so anxious!!!! thanks</p>

<p>Aside from the usual rolling admissions (meaning it could be sooner) those who get their complete app in by Nov 15th will hear by Jan 15, those by the Feb 1st deadline by March 15th according to the UW admissions site. That's better than waiting until March for the earlier applicants.</p>

<p>i actually just read on here of someone who submitted oct 15 and found out in two weeks, so im hopeful of a speedy decision.
does anyone know where you find that chance calculator for uw?</p>