When should I finish the TAP program?

<p>I am a student from CCC and wanting to transfer in Fall 2011, so I am kind of curious about the time that I should finish all the TAP courses. Should I finish them before the winter 2011, before the spring 2011, or after the spring 2011, which is just before transfering? </p>

<p>It seems wired to me if UCLA wants the transfer students to finish the honor courses just before transfering, because those UCLA applicants who got rejected can just withdraw their TAP courses in Spring, once they recieve the bad news.</p>

<p>On their other hand, if UCLA really wants their transfers to complete the TAP, there is no point for CCC to offer honor classes in the Spring quarter.</p>

<p>Anyway, I just want to figure out when will be the best time to finish the TAP. Also, should I put it into the same priorty as the pre-requirement?</p>

<p>You should have your TAP units completed by Fall 2010. UCLA will request a list of TAP-certified students from the CC sometime in January.</p>

<p>That's impossible to complete by Fall 2010, because I am planning to transfer in 2011, and I can only start doing the TAP classes in the Spring 2010 because of the English class. At the end of Fall 2010, I can only finish half of the TAP courses; otherwise, I will not be able to finish the pre-requirement. I am sure I have the ability to finish them all before the Spring 2011, but will it be too late?</p>

<p>If you are applying to UCLA for Fall 2011 you should have all your TAP courses completed by the END of the Spring term prior to transfer (that would be Spring 2011 in your case). You will get ceritifed in January, basically this is a contract stating that you have completed or will be completing all the courses necessary for TAP certification by the end of the Spring term. You and the Honors counselor at your campus will sign this.</p>

<p>whenever you want.</p>