When should i register to take the SAT? Hear me out please!

<p>Alright so I've spent all summer preparing everyday for the SAT Reasoning Test which I will take in October for a second time. The thing I am now a senior, how am I going to find time to study for the Subject tests which i have to take in November. Which ones do you guys suggest I take? Math level 1 and Math level 2? I think should only take 2 by the way. Should I start studying for them now? or in October after the SAT, because I am still prepping for SAT 1 now and plan to do so during September. Thanks for reading and taking the time to read this. Your responses will be GREATLY appreciated!</p>

<p>EDIT FOR THE TITLE: I meant when should i register for the SAT 2’s not SAT 1, I am already registered for that…my fault.</p>

<p>Well really only you know if you should start studying now or after the October test. If for example, you took AP Bio last year, & you’re going to take the subject test, you probably don’t need much study time. But if you only took Honors Bio, then I would probably start now. Also, I would take Math Level 2 if you took precalc/calc last year. You’ll know most of the material, and the curve is super generous. And anyway, a lot of people here look down on level 1, for whatever reason.</p>