When should I start buying books?

<p>The thread title says it all. When should I buy books, where do I find out which books to buy, and do you have any recommendations as to where I should purchase these books?</p>

<p>Your</a> Customized Textbook List - Northeastern University Bookstore</p>

<p>Look up your book list by selecting all your classes. Then you can either buy the books from the bookstore or somewhere else cheaper. Sometimes you can wait until class starts and see if you will really need the book, and buy it at that point.</p>

<p>Go ahead and look up your textbooks on the link mrfish provided. Books will be marked as required or recommended (And I believe I've seen cases in which it is specifically noted that a professor requests that students attend class before making a purchase, though that may have been a different service I'm thinking of). In general, you won't need textbooks the first day of class, and you can easily get through the first three days (WRF of the first week) of classes without textbooks. However, the bookstore carries only a limited number of rental and used books, so if you want to take advantage of lower prices, you'll probably want to buy earlier, probably soon after you move in. Of course, you can always go on Amazon and order a textbook used for what will probably be a significantly better price.</p>

<p>Do keep an eye out for packages- at times, a class may seem to require many books, but if one them is a package or includes a package, its possible some of the items might be redundant. Generally, package materials won't be available used, but if they're available separately from the textbook, you can buy some components from the bookstore, and the textbook, for example, used online at a discount.</p>