When should I take AP Chem?

<p>So, I know that next year (junior year), I'll take AP Calc BC, AP Eng Lang, APUSH, Spanish 3, and Engineering 3 (part of a program I'm in; pretty easy class). Senior year I'll take multivariable calc online, AP Physics C: Mech, AP Eng Lit, AP US Gov, and AP Human Geo. So which year do you think I should take AP Chem (I'll take AP Psych the other year)?</p>

<p>It doesn't matter that much, but it would be better to take AP Chem the year after your original chemistry class. I, however, had to take AP Physics as part of DE and will be taking AP Chem next year.</p>

<p>bump, I'm leaning strongly towards next year but I want other's opinions.</p>

<p>I would go for next year so that Chemistry will still be pretty fresh in your mind, and then you can chill in AP Psych (easy class) senior year.</p>