When Should I Visit?

<p>I'm currently a junior, and I've visited numerous colleges in-state. However, I am heavily considering a few out-of-state schools. I haven't visited them though. Therefore, I'm curious as to when the best time to visit would be during my senior year.</p>

<p>Should I:
a) Visit this summer.
b) Visit in the fall before applications are sent/due.
c) Visit in the spring of my senior year, once I know that I have been accepted.</p>

<p>With that, the schools that I hope to visit are in the New York City area: NYU, Fordham, Hofstra, Columbia, and possibly Stony Brook.</p>

<p>I wouldn't visit in the summer because you don't get a good idea of what the school is like when it is in session. Fall or spring would be good. Have you looked at whether you can afford those schools?</p>

<p>I would visit in the fall or spring. Honestly, the best thing would've been to start this past spring but you can still do it this fall.</p>