When should I visit?

<p>I'm planning on trying to visit UW-Madison and Michigan this summer. I wish I could've visited in the spring but I couldn't fit it in. My parents and I were thinking about going in later July. I kinda wish I could go while school is in but I guess this'll have to work or should I wait for the fall to visit? I also would like to visit Clemson but that is going to wait till the fall.</p>

<p>I'm from Missouri by the way if it helps.</p>


<p>I would call the admisssions office to see if you can still sit in on a summer session class, andask them for the best time. It will be hot (but maybe not as hot as Missouri. If you can wait for fall, then I recommend it.</p>

<p>Ditto on waiting until Fall if possible. If money is an issue, you can also wait until after you've received offers of admission.</p>

<p>wait until the fall. A college is more than just the collection of impressive buildings and spacious lawns, it is the students. "Fit" is a concept that is hard to define exactly, but some schools are going to be a better match for you then others. It includes what classes are like, how many in each class, the advising system, how seriously students take their studies and how competitive the school is, what they spend their free time doing, and so on. You are better off talking to students to get a sense of what a school is like rather than just taking the tour guide's word for it. It may feel awkward, but most college students don't mind if you go up to them sitting outside somewhere and introduce yourself as a prospective student and ask if you can talk to them for a few minutes. Things to ask include what they like best and worst, and what they wish they had known about the school when they were applying. In fact the best thing is an overnite visit if possible, where you stay in the dorm for a nite with a volunteer host.</p>

<p>Most books about the college admission process have a chapter about Visits, and they can give you much more info about what to look for, questions to ask, etc. One I can recommend is "Admission Matters" by Springer, Reider and Franck.</p>

<p>I don't think there's any point in visiting over the summer when you won't get the true campus feel. Definitely try if you can to visit sometime in the fall or after you received your admissions decision (or know what schools you want to apply to)</p>

<p>Going in the fall is definitely better because more will be going on when you visit. Michigan has a spring half-term that is currently in session. The last day of class is June 21. There is some activity on campus during spring term. There is also a summer half-term but it is very quiet. The weather from May through August is actually nice most of the time.</p>