When should you apply for scholarships?


<p>When should you really start applying for all those scholarships? I'm a rising sr in HS. Do you typically apply after college apps are done?? ...to scholarships such as Prudential, Coca-Cola, Best Buy, etc....?</p>


<p>The dates vary. However, most merit scholarships and need based financial aid come from schools themselves.</p>


<p>Yes, if you need scholarship money in order to afford college, then definitely apply to some schools that award merit scholarships for your stats.</p>

<p>Some college scholarships are competitive and some are automatic/assured. So if you need money, then apply to at least a couple schools that will give you assured big merit scholarships for your stats.</p>

<p>It is unlikely that you will get much from private scholarships - especially if money is needed for all 4 years...since many private scholarships are small and for one year only.</p>

<p>the merit based scholarship you mention in your original post all have different deadlines and ways to apply. for ex - coca cola is early fall. prudential needs a nomination from your school principal in the late fall. some have application dates of winter-early spring senior year. i recommend you make a grid listing each one and then write the app deadline date next to it.</p>