When to Apply For Transfers


<p>I am currently attending a Community College and hoping to transfer to a top tier college. My problem is this: I will begin my 2nd year this fall, and while my GPA is acceptable (3.78ish with honors), I'm worried I haven't been involved in the college enough. If I recall correctly, early applications for most top colleges are November, which is before my Fall semester ends. Would it be feasible for me, then, to take a break after graduating in Spring and apply during next year's early applications (when I'll have more under my belt) instead? Is that possible? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>You can take a break from college before applying, but you may not need to. When I applied (for fall semester) my apps were due between February and June. Obviously, you need to investigate the deadlines of the schools you are interested in, but you may have more time than you think you do.</p>

<p>Im pretty sure unless youre applying for spring transfer, which youre not, deadlines are Feb-June, with most being March 1-15th ish. Your app will be reviewed in around April, plenty of time for you to send extra stuff in. I wouldnt wait around a year.</p>