when to book hotels for accepted students weekend?

<p>so georgetown is my top choice right now and i definitely want to go to the accepted students weekend this march. however, i realize that i'll have my financial aid decision by then and by that point, there's a chance that i'll know for sure that i won't be able to afford to go, and then i won't be able to get my money back from booking the hotel. but on the other hand, hotels might book up pretty soon so it might make the most sense to try to plan it out early. is anyone else in the same situation or does anyone have advice as to what i should do? thanks so much :)</p>

<p>Most hotels have a 24 hour cancelation policy. So as long as you canceled 24 hours beforehand, you won't be charged. You will need to give a credit card number to hold your reservation, but it won't be charged until you check out - or if you cancel your reservation within the required timeframe. I would definitely go ahead and book your hotel, and just ask them what their cancelation policy is.</p>

<p>Depends how close to campus you want to stay. While in theory all of the affordable (definitions of "affordable" will vary) hotel spaces in Georgetown itself may book up depending on what else is going on around town, the DC metro area has tons of hotels and March is not a peak tourist time. It can't hurt to set up some Kayak alerts now, though - just be sure to read the fine print re: cancellations.</p>

<p>Thanks! I'll definitely look into cancellation policies, that sounds like the perfect option! :)</p>

<p>We've been looking in the area between Georgetown and downtown, and they're booking up quickly, and they're not cheap. You might think of looking for something in the Rosslyn area of Virginia, which is literally a quick walk across the Key Bridge into Georgetown.</p>