When to call the admissions office?

Its been a week since I sent in my ed app online. They sent an email saying they received it and will send me a letter to confirm the information provided, etc. I havnt received the letter yet.

When should I call and make sure all the supplemental information arrived?


<p>I would just wait until the school sends you a letter reviewing what is still outstanding in your file, or if it is complete. Until they have sorted out what they have recieved, a phone call would be somewhat unproductive, unless they happen to have been dealing with your file at the moment. Usually, they colleges are aware that sometimes it takes a few more days (and/or weeks) than expected to make sure an ED/EA/SCEA or RD file is complete.</p>

<p>If, in two weeks, you are not notified by email or the postal service that there is anything outstanding, then I would phone. Again, just my 2 cents.</p>

<p>Hope this puts you at ease a bit.</p>