When to do internships/co-ops?

<p>I'm thinking about doing internships and co-ops after college. Would that be too late? I've heard the good time to start is Junior year, Sophmore year if possible. </p>

<p>Also, if you wait until after college to do internship/experience-gaining, will that count towards your unemployment time (which will hurt you in getting hired)?</p>

<p>Many companies specifically state that you have to be a current student. Why not do them while you're still in college?</p>

<p>Yeah, I don't think you can do an internship if you're done with school... and even if you could, you should probably be getting a real job at that point.</p>

<p>Do them as early and often as possible. Ideally you should have an internship the summer after your junior year that you can hopefully convert into a FT offer and then your golden your senior year.</p>

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<p>My S has an opportunity to intern this summer, following his freshman year. He is a MechE major but the internship is with a BME company. Would this be okay, since I would assume BME companies use devices that Mechanical engineers design/develop?</p>

<p>Do internships and/or co-ops as early as possible. Be very proactive in looking for those opportunities through your school's Career Center/Services. Now is the time to look for 2012 internships or co-ops. Any internship will be beneficial to your future job hunting including those that might not be directly related to your major.</p>

<p>If you can, it is best to start your freshman summer. But if you aren't too worried about it, you could wait for your junior year and do whatever you want your first two summers.</p>