When to expect decisions - Curtis/Juilliard

<p>Does anyone know when Curtis and Juilliard send their decision letters? I know Oberlin and CMU (Admissions) should be out by April 1st. We are hoping the waiting will be over with soon. Thanks, Nancy</p>

<p>I checked old emails: Four years ago, we heard from Juilliard on March 30, via Special Delivery letter. We were overseas. A friend in the US heard a couple days earlier, not sure how - regular letter, I think. S heard by email from Curtis, on April 2.</p>

<p>Thank you for your quick reply. We should hopefully have all decisions soon. Nancy</p>

<p>A few years back Daughter heard from Curtis via email on April 1 and by post a couple of days later. I heard but cannot confirm that the one person accepted on her instrument knew a few days before that.</p>

<p>Agh! I'm so impatient! I'm leaving town on the 2nd so I cannot bear to wait until I get back from both Curtis and Juilliard (and parents are not opening any letters!). Do you mind my asking if the email from Curtis was an acceptance or not? What about the letter from Juilliard? I just know that for some schools they send out the acceptances before the rejections or vice versa.</p>

<p>My S and his friend were both accepted by Juilliard. Although the friend heard first, S received the "Presidential Distinction" award for the top applicant in the department, so timing didn't mean anything that way. </p>

<p>Curtis was a rejection.</p>

<p>Daughter was rejected at Curtis, did not apply to Juilliard.</p>

<p>i have two friends who auditioned for curits this year, a violinist and cellist. they heard approx a week after their audition date saying that they were accepted.</p>

<p>yea I know for violin you hear right away</p>

<p>Usually the teacher will just tell you if you ask, so I would just e-mail them. The whole panel votes and everyone must vote in your favor.</p>