When to fill out FAFSA for Fall 2012?

<p>I am entering college fall of 2012, but when i went to fill out fafsa the latest they had was 2011-2012 school year (which is my senior yr of hs). I have already applied to all the colleges i am interested in and i thought we filled these forms out around the same time we apply to colleges. am i wrong?</p>


<p>The earliest that you can file the FAFSA is Jan 1, 2012</p>

<p>BUT also check your schools. If you are applying early, and your schools require the CSS Profile or a school financial aid form, THOSE forms might have a "priority filing" date which can be as early as the beginning of November.</p>

<p>CHECK EACH SCHOOL for the requirements to apply for financial aid AND CHECK THE DEADLINES FOR EACH REQUIRED ITEM. This will vary by school (FAFSA, however, cannot be done until Jan 1)</p>