When to send ACT scores to CSUs?

<p>I was going to submit my CSU applications but I haven't actually sent in my official ACT scores. When do I do this? Before or after I send in the application? And how do I send it to CSU Mentor?</p>



<p>Go here for instructions for submitting ACT CSUMentor</a> - Plan for College - High School Students - Code You order it sent to one campus and then you use CSU's ACT Score Manager to provide it to other campuses.</p>

<p>You can order score sent before you actually apply.</p>

<p>okay thanks. so i can send it EITHER before or after i apply? it doesnt matter?</p>

<p>Yes, except you do not want to wait any lengthy amount of time "after you apply." Ideally, if you already have scores, order them sent by third week of November so they will certainly get there by early December making your file complete and ready for review as early as possible.</p>