When to send Part 1 & interview question..

<p>I have some questions about the applications procedure…</p>

<li><p>I know all the instructions say that it’s better to send part 1 ASAP. ACtually, I was going to send everything together by the end of november…but I don’t think I will have my essay done by nov.
Is it better to send part 1 right now and send my essays+school report+rec later…or send all of them together later???</p></li>
<li><p>I know a lot of schools say…“It is recommended to have an interview…”
but I have nothing to gain by having an interview…cuz i’m a non-native English speaker! What should I do?</p></li>

<p>I would REALLY appreciate if you guys can give me some answers… THANKS!</p>

<p>1) Send in your Part 1 as soon as you can. Then the college can start the application file for you rather than putting any material (like teacher recs, transcript, etc) that may come seperately into correspondance files.</p>

<p>2) If a college says an interview is recommended but not required, they typically mean just that. If you feel comfortable with an interview, have questions you would like to ask, or have the opportunity to answer concerns or questions about your record, then do an interview. If not, don't do one. In most cases it is a neutral factor, in some cases it can help you in the admission process, and in rare cases, it might negatively affect your application. But usually only if you are a complete dummy during the interview. ;) While the case that English is not your first language might mean that you are not as proficient or articulate as someone for whom it is their first language, it doesn't negate thoughtfulness or your personality and most interviewers aren't so shallow that they'll judge you based on that.</p>