When to send transcripts

<p>So I'm applying to transfer out of community college and I have no idea when I should send my stuff out. I'm applying for the Fall 2014 semester. Some of the deadlines are March (earliest is February) and some are due May or June. I have 25 credits right now, 3.94 GPA. After this semester, I'll have 44 credits done and my GPA will hopefully be around 3.89. Is it ok to send my transcripts out right now or wait till after this semester's grades are posted?</p>

<p>Since none of your schools are rolling and deadlines are in the spring, wait to submit your transcript until it has your fall grades. </p>

<p>I obviously don’t know the deadlines for all schools, but May/June seems very late, are you sure that these aren’t rolling admission schools with May/June being the latest you can apply?</p>

<p>I think some may be rolling. Well if I plan on submitting the midterm report which has all my grades and teachers comments, and they’re all A’s and B’s, would that be ok?</p>

<p>Rolling is a different strategy than deadline schools. With rolling you want to balance sending everything as early as possible (when more spots are available) with showing them your strongest application. While a midterm report is good, you also have to send them an official transcript at some time during the application process. My best guess is that since your gpa isn’t going to change much, send the official transcript now and then follow up with the midterm report which will show them your current credits and grades.</p>