when to start dorm room shopping

im a senior in high school… should i already be thinking about dorm shopping or should i wait a little bit

You can look now. I never really picked a day, I just bought as things went on sale. I bought some stuff that I saw on sale like shampoos and stuff and then as it got closer to summer I bought every thing else

Eh, wait for things to go on sale. Things will start going on sale closer to summer/in summer and then you’ll get really good deals.

Ha - My wife got onto me all the time because I started a bin full of stuff in about 10th grade…If I saw something on sale, I’d pick it up. Actually got a refrigerator in 11th grade because it was on sale for $39 in October after everyone left for college. Sure made that last week prior to Freshman year a breeze though…I’d say you should just keep your eyes open - There are some things that will be on sale and you shouldn’t pass them up. The last thing would be bedding as sometimes people like to discuss that with a roommate, but things like towels, silverware, plates, coffeemakers, those sometimes will be on sale and worth picking up.

A lot of bedding sales going on right now. My D just bought a set for next year from Anthropologie. 40% off the Clearance price! :slight_smile: Kepp in mind that most dorm beds require twin X-long sheets.

thanks you guys =D i went threw my list and i went threw my house and i found a good chunk of stuff and have it in a box thats going to be growing hahaha its pretty full already i might have to start another box when i start actually shopping for this stuff =D i want to say thanks for the info

I have been having a lot of fun getting stuff for my son as he is in 12th grade also. Got his bedding 40% off, sheets and towels 50% off. You could get some really good sales on the internet. Keeping picking up as I see things he will need. Might need a U-Haul to get him to school in the fall :slight_smile: Happy Shopping!!

The selection of XL sheets does get better starting around March or so. We found a ton at Target starting then. But remember you have to get whatever you are buying to school – will you be driving? Then no problem… but if flying, advice might be different.

JCP was having a home sale on sheets this past week. Got twin XL sheets 300 thread, they were originally 60.00 and got them for $25

We’ve started for my senior daughter. I bought her a comforter set, XL sheets, and a blanket for $54 after using a $50 off coupon from a local department store. I doubt we’ll get a better deal than that. I decided we’d just pick things up when we run across deals. It would be expensive and a hassle to buy it all this summer. It’s kind of fun this way.

I REALLY REALLY urge you all to check with the school about bedding- I suggested to someone and she went and bought XL anyway and ended up having to sell it bc her school has regular twin

I agree with @Jazzii: Check to make sure you need the Twin XL bedding before purchasing. Not all dorms will have the same size matresses.

If you are flying, i recommend you consider Bed bath and beyond. You can go anytime in your hometown, pick what you think you might want using a scanner, and the BBB will pull it off the shelves in the city you are going to and put in a big box for you. save those 20% off coupons starting now. DD flew to Boston with us each carrying one suitcase. We took the T and taxis to and from BBB and Target. Done in a half day, and able to relax. Yes, BBB is more expensive than other methods, but when you count in shipping and renting a car so you can gotodifferent spots, it came out. Heaper and was much easier! You dont pay until you get there, and you can put any item back that youno longer want before paying. What a breeze!

i Have a question about this whole BBB thing. In theory, couldn’t I order everything from any store and just put store pick up? What makes BBB so special??

I am also a senior in high school, and I have a Tupperware bin in my closet where I started keeping things like blankets, extra ethernet cords, and a printer. So it’s not one huge bill when I go to buy things, I find stuff on sale, like on Black Friday, buy it, and put it in my bin to save.

I agree with @NotSteveBuscemi. I do the SAME THING. I’m a senior in HS right now, but I’m going to CC, so I’m getting an apartment with my BF and his 3 year old (on weekends). So I’ll need more than the basic dorm essentials. But the point is, I keep a big plastic container in our storage building, it has Tupperware and a bunch of knickknacks for our place, and my bro gave me his old xbox.

Definitely wait until you know where you’re going first; you don’t want to get something that’s on a “Don’t Bring” list!

Look through Pottery Barn, IKEA, and other catalogs that have special “dorm room” sections. There are great ideas, like lighting fixtures, shelves, and other 3-D or light-based ideas that are super cool. Get together with a parent to deal with wood, Papier Mache, Plastic, Colored LED’s, ceramics, Fabrics, Murano glass, or what-have-you to personalize and extend ideas you see on those pages. Maybe make a poster-sized collage of photos of your friends and siblings to hang on your wall. This is your chance to dream and create a space of refuge. I would plan and make custom stuff.

Buy commodities as you see sales.

I think that there are bedding sales now, but the “back to college” stuff comes out in the summer.

We are picking things up little by little when we see them on sale.