When to start prep for the MCAT?

When should I start preparing for the MCAT? I think studying for the MCAT while studying for the class in college (i.e Sociology) is the best way to prep, but I have heard other option. Which one worked for you?

This is truly a question that only you can answer.

Some people devote themselves full time to MCAT for several weeks (4-8 weeks is pretty typical, depending on how much content review you need to do). Other people prefer to multi-task and prep while they’re still taking coursework, setting aside several hours for dedicated MCAT prep every day for most the semester.

My daughters were working full time and did their MCAT prep for 2-3 hours every evening 5 days/week and 1 uninterrupted 8 hour session every weekend for about 4 months before their exams. They used multiple different resources, including doing tons of timed practice segments taken under realistic testing conditions. (public place that’s quiet but not silent, with other people present --like a library or quiet coffeeshop). Both did quite well on the MCAT.

You need to develop a plan that works for you. However, there’s objective evidence that shows spending too much time prepping ( generally thought to be >12 weeks full time) becomes counter-productive since practice scores tend to peak, then decline and plateau, never returning to their previous highs.

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