When to start studying for PSAT?

I’m a Sophomore, and took the PSAT 10 on Wednesday. I really didn’t feel confident in how well I did, and trying to do well on my PSAT/NMSQT for Governor’s School & scholarships in Junior year. When is the most effective time to start studying for my PSAT/NMSQT in order to not burn out, but also retain information the best?

Use Khan Academy for 15 minutes a day. Buy the “Black Book” for SAT prep. It covers strategy, not material.

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My daughter bought a Princeton Publishing study guide (she had looked through a few at the local B&N, and their’s was the format that best matched her study-style) a little less than 2 months prior. Then she made herself a schedule up to which chapter she wanted to have progressed by which weekend to avoid having to “cram” in the final week while having plenty of school obligations.

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If you’re trying for an award, today is the best time to start. Do some every day. Do a bit more every weekend. The idea is to be very well-prepared ahead of time, as opposed to cramming the week before. This is the same prep that one needs for the SAT, so once you have mastered all the PSAT prep, roll right into SAT prep, and schedule yourself for an SAT as soon as you like, even well before you are supposed to take the PSAT next fall. Also, if you’re not happy with your SAT score, know that some people are better suited to the ACT. You can take a free diagnostic ACT downloadable from the ACT website.