when to take physics 7

<p>ill be an exercise biology sophomore this year and im kind of nervous about my schedule</p>

<p>i didn't take biology freshman year because i stupidly listened to my counselors and didnt take bio and chem together, and i rather filled out most of my GE classes.</p>

<p>i had to register blind in spring 2010 due to scheduling, and signed up for bio 2, chem 8, stat 100 and a film class for my final arts requirement. however, i see now that there is an NPB 101 class in the fall that i need before i can do all the EXB classes. i was planning on trying to get in on my pass time on august 30 and dropping film, but it says that physics 7C is "strongly recommended"</p>

<p>now i'm worried because i was planning on taking physics junior year both to have the series not carry over into summer/next school year and because i didnt want to be taking bio, chem, and physics at the same time</p>

<p>can any upperclassmen help me out?</p>