When to take SAT II's...WORRIED

<p>I am a junior class '06. I was wondering when to take my subject tests, and which ones to take. I plan on taking the new SAT at least two, and likely even three times, so when should I do the SAT II's. The Late registration for the December one is in like 5 days, so I want to know kinda quickly.<br>
Now for which ones to take. Obviously, I'll take Math IIC, not writing, since I'm taking the New SAT, maybe physics and something else. Do we still have to take 3 because the New SAT is now bigger with the Writing in it? </p>

<p>How long does it take to prepare for the Math IIC? If I take a SAT II in December, it'll just be the Math IIC. I'm pretty ok at math, I got a 105.5 on AMC 12 last year and a 2 on the AIME, as well as a 1550 old SAT with 800 Math. What should i DO??!! Help!!!!!! I'm thinking I might just take the January test but then when should I take other SAT II's?! I'm in AP Phys and AP chem right now, so would it be a good idea to take them in June if I finally have a good SAT score by then, and if I don't, then take them in the beginning of next year? </p>

<p>Sorry this post is a little long, but I'm very desperate since I have no idea what to do.</p>

<p>My D is a senior now and all her testing was completed Junior year. I can't tell you how great it is to have all that behind her. Senior year is so busy filling out app's, writing essays etc. She got the 10 Real SAT II book and took Math Ic and Math IIc to see which one would require the least amount of work to do well on. If I were you I would take the Math in December. Take two other tests in June. You will do the best if you take the SAT II right after you complete the corresponding AP class. The studying is the same and the tests are very similar.</p>

<p>wait a minute. class of 06 only take 2 "sat subject tests" now since the writing is now in the sat I. im a junior too, but im on block scheduling so i'm going to take math in may/june along with the ap tests. if ur taking any ap classes, i'd recommend you doing that after your class is finished (ap chem = sat chem subject test right after the ap test)</p>

<p>o yea and definitely follow burlmom's advice about taking the tests in junior year to get all that stress out for senior year :)</p>

<p>Can you study for the SAT II's quickly like in only three weeks? For the SAT, I studied for almost twice as long, including a PR course (that didn't help at all). Whats the best IIC book?</p>