When to take SAT

I’ve heard some SAT dates have consistent higher curves than other testing dates. Like I have heard that the June SAT is one of the worst curves. I was planning to take the SAT this November or December. Is there a better date between the two dates? Is one curve higher than the other test’s curve?

Please ignore discussion of “curves” in terms of selecting a test date. (Actually, ignore it completely).

If you have the ability to score a 700, then you will score a 700. One test may be harder than normal, and you get 8 questions wrong, and that equates to a 700. Another test may be easier, and you may only get 4 questions wrong, and that equates to a 700. Scores are based on a statistical distribution and your comparison to others taking the same test. It’s not based on an absolute fixed scale of the number of problems correct/wrong.

Folks who complain about this seem to have a concept that they will get the same number of questions wrong, regardless of how hard the test is, so their score varies with the “curve”. This makes no sense.

I don’t know anything about the curves and whether or not they’re different but I took one in November and it was fairly easy. Don’t take the one in October because I heard those ones are usually harder.