When to take the GRE


<p>I'm applying to graduate programs in philosophy toward the end of December and beginning of January. Princeton requires me to take the GRE no later than December 1, whereas I could conceivably take the GRE slightly later to meet the other deadlines. On top of this, to take the GRE by December 1, I'd have to do it right after Thanksgiving, which sounds like a bad idea. So now I'm debating between two options: </p>

<p>OPTION 1: Take the GRE right after Thanksgiving, once and for all.
OPTION 2: Take the GRE three weeks from now (for Princeton), and again 21 days later (for my other applications).</p>

<p>I can't decide what's the better option - more time/preparation, but taking the exam only once, or taking the exam twice, but having less time to prepare for the first exam. </p>

<p>Yes, I am under-prepared, but I still want to make the best decision given the circumstances. </p>

<p>Could someone give me some advice on this?</p>