When we are allowed to have our cell phones

<p>Do you think that we should switch our numbers so that they have c-spring numbers and everything or should we keep the numbers that we have…regardless of where were coming from?</p>

<p>i would just leave your number the same. having long distance in your plan is probably a good idea too. but keeping your number is what most people who i've talked to do. and cell phones you get for doolie day out. once the academic year starts, you ahve them on the weekends until prog (half-way through semester). if you are not on academic probation at prog, you keep it from then on out (until 40 days starts depending on the squad)</p>

<p>Well, that is of course subject to change at the whim of the cadre next year and it may even differ somewhat by squadron as I recall.</p>

<p>basic = no phones is all the same. then before prog = weekend only is a wing policy, not by squad. the only difference is some squads instead of collecting them every sunday night let you keep them and just trust that you won't use them</p>

<p>Sorry to derail, but would anyone care to explain what prog is? Thanks.</p>

<p>Prog is basically the middle of the semester where you get your grades in each class up to that point. I would guess that it is short for progress report or something along those lines.</p>