When/where to start buying textbooks?

When is the appropriate time to start buying textbooks? I’ve already registered for autumn quarter classes and I noticed that there is a “display textbooks” tabs that shows what textbooks are needed for the class. Should I get these books before the class starts? What are some good places to get college textbooks from as well?

Waiting until the first day of class is usually a good idea. I’ve had many classes where on the first day the prof says that a textbook won’t be necessary.

The flip side of the professors who say the book is not required are those assume students have already read at least the first four chapters or so. It’s a toss up to save money, or possibly end up in a reading marathon to catch up fast. Also, sometimes the books run out by the first day of class. That has happened to me, and it took weeks for the bookstore to get more in.

I had one professor who required that we purchase our textbooks from independent bookstores, and provide receipts to prove we did so.

@LadyArwyn So can I just already get the textbooks that say “required” on my textbook schedule from the University Book Store or Amazon or something?