When will EA decisions be sent?

On the website it just states “mid-December”. Does anyone know the date that admissions decisions will be released? Are they sent electronically or by snail mail? Any info would be welcomed. My daughter is much more stoic than I…the waiting is SO hard! ?

Haven’t heard back yet either. I sent two messages to them in inquiry.

@chloeangel Please let us know what you hear in response to your inquiry. ?

They just posted a picture on instagram saying that early action decisions were mailed out, good luck!

@SharpCheddar Thanks for the heads up! We’ll keep our eye on the mailbox. ?

Admissions office said this week for sure for EA 1

Got admitted today through email!! No physical post yet though.

Congratulations, @chloeangel! My daughter also got an acceptance email yesterday. I’m hoping that a physical letter will be in the mailbox today. Does anyone know if merit offers would be with the acceptance letter or in a separate mailing?

I was admitted yesterday!

Hey what if people submit their application in January? Is that too late?

@TinyKitten90. It’s not past the deadline for admissions.

@Dancer’23. Congratulations!

According to the Admissions Office, EA2 decisions are supposed to be mailed out Jan. 17 or 18, and then email notifications will go out Jan. 24 or 25.

@swimmer2019 Thanks so much for sharing this information! ?