When will i be notified of my complete application?

<p>Now that I've sent the full EA Application into Stanford, when should I expect the University to notify me through mail of my completed app?</p>

<p>I'm wondering this too. Other schools have an "application status" site where I can check to see if they've received my SAT scores, transcript, Recs, etc. But i haven't found that on the Stanford website. Will they just email me if they are missing something?</p>

<p>when they emailed me saying that i have sumbitted pack 2 for EA the email said that if i am missing anything they will email or phone us</p>

<p>wait... i'm confused... so supposing you send in part one, stanford, unlike the other colleges, doesn't send an email or letter with a pin no. or anything? Nothing to acknowledge that your app file has been opened? Thanks=)</p>

<p>If you're missing anything for EA, you'll be notified by either snail mail or email sometime in mid November. For regular decision, you'll be notified in mid February.</p>

<p>gah..if we are missing something for EA will they still let us apply to it if we send it in ASAP?</p>