I applied to NJIT 12/31/17 and I am not sure that I’ll get in or not. However the fear is driving me crazy so I was just wondering how long does NJIT take to reply to their freshmen applicants. PS they received all the required materials from me.

from the NJIT website:

Application Deadlines: When to Apply: NJIT is on rolling admissions, so your youngster will hear from us on the status of his/her application within three weeks after it is complete.
Application deadline for the Fall Semester: Early Action I - November 15, Early Action II-December 15, Rolling Admission-March 1
Application deadline for the Spring Semester: November 15
Admission is competitive. Applying earlier is a good idea! We will consider a student’s academic record from high school and any standardized test scores.

Hi, that’s weird that you did not get a response yet. I applied on January 2nd and already received my letter and my scholarship. Did you check the application status page on NJIT’s website because they may have put in their decision because that’s what happened to me and I checked on that and it showed I go admitted on the weekI applied.

Yeah, I did and it says that I got admitted, however, I haven’t got my scholarship yet.