When will I get my University of Tennessee Decision?

So I sent my UTK application on 12/11/19 and my scores were officially sent 12/27/19. I received an email with an application status tracker saying that my application was 75 percent reviewed. When should I hear back? I am getting worried because February 6th marks the 6th week since I sent in my application.

If your test scores were “sent” on 12/27, they probably weren’t received, compiled, and ready for the reviewers until 1\2 at the earliest. And since most applicants probably didn’t wait 10+ days after the deadline to send test scores, you were probably at the tail end of the queue.

They were probably also flooded with applications at the same time as yours with the 12/15 deadline. I would expect it somewhat soon, but I wouldn’t say it’s abnormally long at this point.