When will I hear about roommates?

<p>I got my room assignment along with everyone else, but for the sake of planning I'm trying to figure out roommate stuff. I need to know whether to buy the TV I'm thinking about getting and whether to bring my fridge and all this junk. Anyone know an exact date? I had thought it was going to be today...</p>

<p>Should be out sometime this week, from what Res Hall officials have said on the 2014 Facebook page. There's been a precise date and time going around but it appears as though it was from another year's move in day because it says something like Tuesday, August 5th when this year the 5th is on a Thursday. So hold out on buying that TV for a few more days!</p>

<p>Perfect -- thank you. That's all I needed to hear.</p>

<p>Unless, of course, someone miraculously knows a specific date or time.</p>