When will I hear back from these schools? (Early action and regular decision)

Hi, I am a high school senior (class of 2020) from Washington state who is applying to several colleges and I really want to know when I should hear back by. If you have info on the date of response for any of these universities, please let me know!!!
If the school offers it, I am applying into their engineering program (environmental/ civil engineering) and if they don’t, I am applying into the arts/ science program (environmental science/ sustainability)

Here are the colleges I applied to and what deadline I chose:
Chapman University Early Action (Nov 1st)
Pepperdine University Early Action (Nov 1st)
Santa Clara University Early Action (Nov 1st)
University of Santa Clara Early Action(Nov 1st)
University of Portland Early Action (Nov 15th)
University of Washington Early Action (Nov 15th)
Colorado School of Mines Priority Deadline (Nov 15th)
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Regular Decision (Nov 30th)
University of Southern California Priority Deadline (Dec 1st)
Gonzaga University Regular Decision (Dec 1st)
University of San Diego Regular Decision (Dec 15th)
Loyola Marymount University Regular Decision (Jan 15th)

When will I hear back?

@STEMstudent2024 look on the websites. Notification dates should be there.

Is this a financial aid or scholarship question?

Mostly an “accepted or denied” question but I assume with that will probably does scholarship information

I have looked and found a few general time frames for some schools and then a good amount of them just have no information listed- or at least none listed for when I hear back if I applied early action (they only include regular decision)

Info for the various timelines is on the school websites…some schools send fin aid package with the acceptance decision, some don’t. Some merit scholarships aren’t awarded until the spring, again all info should be on the websites.

Separately, don’t know your stats, but did you apply to a safety/highly likely school for engineering?

SLO usually releases decisions around the end of February through Early March.